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Your best movie yet!

Seriously, it's so good it doesn't even need voice acting!


Well, I always wanted to see SSJ2 Gohan battling at this part of the story, so it's great to be able to do so!

Ranked # 2 for Score?

I can't believe this is supposed to be the second best movie newgrounds has to offer... I just can't... 0.o

- It needs subtittles...

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Very nice

You know this is a lot like the Squidlike chess game, but I like it.

You know, basically, you lose when you win 0.o

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Has potential

Couldn't reach more than 400'000 because sometimes death is inevitable.

You could fix this by pseudo randomize the blocks so there's always a chance to survive (Then we'd die by not finding it or by being slow, not just by luck).

It could have music too, good work.

No replay value?

I just reached year 2100 with $633650 (I almost bankrupt in year 2050 for having so many cows), it was fun to do, but...

I remember I had this feeling with Sim City, like you know what happens in the game and you won't play it again...

I think this has more potential, but great work!

Note: There are times when you have so much fodder you can stop, harvesting it, or so many cows, or so many meat, you can stop the feedlot and pasture for a while and you'll see how your money goes skyrocket (even so that the director won't rant about the grouth in later years), but start it again in time or your money will go downhill.

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The Ultimate Elevator Music

Only 28 seconds? For some reason I can't notice when does it begins again, the loop is awesome!

Great work.

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Your best song yet!

You're really good at Trance, I hope to hear more songs like this from you =)


DSMagnum responds:

At least SOMEONE cares. :)

Though I wouldn't really consider this a true trance piece, I'm glad you think it is. I may make more pieces like this, but it seems no one appreciates this, so why should I bother?

Thanks for reviewing!

Nice work!

I liked it!

Though I think the drums sound a bit dirty at times, but that's how they are supposed to be, no?

And I didn't like the Sax used as bass, I think such an unstrument is there to be used on the long notes, but aside from that (And that it's a bit repetitive), is very good.

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